Latest news:

January 23, 2005:
Abdallah resigns, Bernie Bassett appointed Town Supervisor


Town Board

Bassett, Supervisor

John F. St.Germain, Deputy Supervisor
2391 Route 3
Cadyville, NY 12918

Tom Wood, Councilmember
6035 Route 22
Plattsburgh, NY 12901


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Welcome to the Town of Plattsburgh

The Town of Plattsburgh is located in the northeastern part of New York approximately 65 miles south of Montreal, Canada and on the western shore of Lake Champlain. Plattsburgh has traditionally been a transportation center. Situated along the main transportation route between New York City and Montreal, it is the closest large American municipality to the second largest Canadian City. Generally, Plattsburgh has an excellent overall transportation network. The CP railroad line provides a unique transportation opportunity and the Town of Plattsburgh offers a unique combination of natural and man-made advantages that include:

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